Daniel Lin, Daniel Lin UBC, Daniel W. Lin, UBC IAR, IAR Research Fellow
I work with the Trade, Investment and Innovation Division of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, where I manage the implementation of the Infrastructure Financing and Public-Private Partnerships Network of Asia and the Pacific with over 40 member States from Asia, Africa, and Europe in strategic partnership with the Ministry of Finance of China. 

During my research fellowship at the Institute of Asian Research, I worked at the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) at the Embassy of Canada in Yangon, Myanmar, and the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada in Vancouver, Canada. My MSc in International Political Economy (research track) at the London School of Economics focused on sustainable economic development and regional integration in Southeast Asia.
You will find further information on my publications and current projects on this site.
4th Meeting of the Infrastructure Financing and PPP Network of Asia and the Pacific
Manila, Philippines - 2019
Astana, Kazakhstan - 2019
Ningbo, China - 2019
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan - 2019
4th Meeting of the Infrastructure Financing and PPP Network of Asia and the Pacific
PPP Web Portal Launch - 2019
Canada Day - Bangkok, Thailand
Second Regional Meeting
Shanghai, China - 2019
Guiyang, China - 2018
Dhaka, Bangladesh - 2019
Network Members Second Meeting
Ningbo, China - 2018
Network Member First Meeting
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan - 2019
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan - 2019
Guiyang, China - 2018
Dhaka University, Bangladesh - 2019
Infrastructure Book Launch - 2019
China Day, UNESCAP - Bangkok, 2019
Embassy of Canada in Yangon, Burma
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Good morning, Bangkok! #firstday
Year End Faculty Engagement Dinner
Good morning, London! And the adventure begins #firstday #postgrad #LSE #vancouverfoodie #yangonfood
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